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Resin repairs

Resin Repair can permanently rectify most timber and masonry damage, both cosmetic and structural.

Wood that is damaged can be repaired using our range of Epoxy based resins and for structurally weakened areas with the bonded-in addition of bars, steel, epoxy glass or stainless steel.

Masonry that is eroded or cracked can be repaired using a variety of filling, injection, pouring and moulding techniques. These mostly use Epoxy based resins in conjunction with strengthening bars made from high tensile steel, epoxy glass and stainless steel.

To view the Products used for repair go direct to our Shop – click here to visit the Resins Shop

For help with specific repairs:
1.Cosmetic filling of wooden frame – click for our Timber-Repair Site page
2.Structural Repair of all sorts of beams – click here to select a beam type (e.g. rafter)
3.Technical details for all types of timber beam repair – click here to see our technical structural repair Site

4. Masonry repairs – click here – you can see a choice of products indexed by job type and a list of jobs indexed by resin type

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