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Dry rot

Is it really Dry Rot, as opposed to one of many types of Wet Rot? Wet Rots do not travel out of the wet area!

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A. Dry Rot Diagnosis

What is the difference between Wet Rot and Dry Rot – why does it matter which type of rot you have?
Diagnose Dry Rot – detector sticks that change colour
Does Dry Rot smell – does this smell confirm Dry Rot

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B. Dry Rot Treatment
Treat Dry Rot in Masonry – Boron based treatment in water
Treat Dry Rot in Timber – Boron based Gel, Paste and Rods
Prevent Dry Rot from spreading – Dry Rot Barrier Paint
How much Boron Product – guide to usage rates
Dry Rot Shop – buy Boron treatments

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C. Dry Rot Technical
Technical & Safety Information for Boron Dry Rot Treatment
History of Boron
References – about Boron used in treatments
Article – the Life Cycle of Dry Rot

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