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Roof, Semi Detached, 125 square metres


Boron Powder – Odourless Boron Ultra 12 – 2.5kg – for dilution with water to make 62.5 litres of a 5% solution.


To treat a Roof, Semi Detached – for DIY amateur and professional use when diluted in water to a 5% solution.

Available in heat sealed plastic bags or in plastic bottles, ready to add water.

Boron Ultra 12 Powder is supplied for dilution in water at 5% for Woodworm Treatment. Apply by brush or sprayer. Non-staining and only 1 hour re-entry. It has no smell and no vapour. Woodworm treatment without the unpleasantness.

Usage rate – wearing a dust mask, gloves & splash protection mix 2.5kg of powder with 62.5 litres of water for treatment of light to medium woodworm infestations. Apply at an average rate of 4 square metres per litre, until wet, but not dripping. Apply two coats, allowing surfaces to dry in between coats.

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Weight 2.7 kg

200g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg

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